A taste of Triple

My upcoming novel Triple is about people who live in an inclusive society of all living beings that is now surrounded by exclusive societies of humans, much like ours.

The story is told by Human Blue Fern in three parts: Sunset, Keemat, and Desire. Below, view the Narrator’s statement and the three passages that begin each section.




A Fantasy

Fauzia Rafique


‘I am the medium’ i said, becoming it.

And in this role, i am poised to relate the story of Sunset, a fast disappearing culture that has decided to stay.

As for myself, i am a healer of Sunset living in a Keep; a fish out of water, i will bring you the ocean in a drop.

                                                Human Blue Fern




Extending from the Oceanbed, Sunset rises above the three-sided bowl of Hena valley to reach the Skyhole; securing in its lap, the Desert, Forest and the Doorstep.

Seen from the ground Sunset appears to be narrow but it does not suffocate, encage, surround, imprison. More like home, boundaries set us free.

Inside it, an absolute sense of trust and caring. Sweet water of the stream, a home in the trunk of the largest tree. Fruits, vegetables, grains and meat. White flowers of cotton. Colors oozing out from wood and stone.

A scene, a theme, a flashback!
A song, a word or a life long story.
Whatever is presented is received by all.

Knowing each other’s vulnerabilities we nurture us, healing. Pain abandons the bodies leaving the spirits unscathed. Joyful in our movements and fulfilled in our time, we continue to grow into the persons we desire.

Away from Sunset, we enjoy immunity. Keepers stand aside lifting the barriers. Beyond the governing laws of all cities, we are the other.

Being with us is simple but entrenched. To have the desire and the ability to let go of physical weapons, poisons from the blood, violence from the soul, and, the fear of death.

What remains is crucial to us.



Facing each other across this desert, we look to our South, you to your North. What you see is real but it’s not the only scene, only view. Nor yours is the only vantage point.

Still you choose to fly your thoughts in tunnels, narrow and cold; constricting the flow of all life-inducing energies. Perception of realities, unchallenged lies. Distorted your stories serving the obsession to control to grab to snatch to seize power over others.

Wearing your clothes, we may appear to be the same but we are distinct – set apart, by the values of our cultures. Yet the line dividing us is almost invisible.

As we come across, anything will give us away.
A walk, a look. A joyful rhythm.
Anything unfamiliar will give us away.

And when that happens, you will pounce on us from all around.
Slow death, your hands.
Or a sudden short enchantment of an uncomplicated mind. A mind addicted to the creation, and recreation, of seemingly inconsequential deaths.

No death is without consequence as is no life.



The very maximum required for us to live is also the very minimum we must acquire to live.

Clean air, nutritious foods.

Joyful togetherness.

Artistic creations.

The elements of our desire are all here with us.


Creative Commons Licence

This unedited version may change

July 2012


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