‘Forward’ by Fauzia Rafique


-looking exercise lands me
in trouble
and again. Imagine: skyline
at the end of the sea
water surrounds parched
land. Standing
at the shore by the pacific
ocean, i’m thirst-ing
for water a
bit of
moisture. Sun flared
atmosphere, charred trees
shade delusional
dreams, time
no time, I’m try
to breathe radioactive
air. What
does it mean to
breathe radio
active air to
drink contami
nated water to
eat gmo food stem
celled meat. Define:
Suffocate – hundreds of factory workers
Dehydrate – friends in far off cities
Starve – thousands
Poison – millions
bomb – billions
of people. Define:
Anti/ci/pate – Look
forward to
Another casual
usual normal
-ly occurrence.


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