Waxing (non) Poetic at Vancouver’s CO-OP Radio


Yesterday, i had an interesting conversation about my just-launched novel The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior with Pamela Bentley and RC Weslowski, two of my favorite poets, slam artists and radio hosts at Vancouver’s CO-OP Radio. You can listen to it if you like. There are excerpts from the first SahebaN story ‘Vital Parts’, and a couple of verses from the novel.

Of course, i’m more absent-minded than Pam gives me credit for, so the second time i get the chance to pitch the event at Semiahmoo library, i give the wrong date. It is DEC 3rd not 4th. And, regarding distribution, anyone can ask a bookshop or a library anywhere to get it for them.

Earlier, i had a warm and cozy first launch at VG PlayRoom with Host Virginia Gillespie, Guest Speaker Liam Paul Wallinger and many beautiful peers, friends and family. For photos and other outcomes from events, view this page:

Next event is Surrey Muse on Friday November 25, and on November 29 and December 3rd

the-adventures-of-saheban_cover_nov61The Adventures of SahebaN:Biography of a Relentless Warrior
A novel by Fauzia Rafique
Libros Libertad 2016
The story of a woman who was forever curious about an object called ‘pee-nuts’.


Three Shots

To celebrate the launch of Fauzia’s eBook of poems, Holier Than Life, she was given a gift of three shots at her workstation.

First Shot

The photographer was not happy.
Fauzia was asked to move a bit.

Second Shot

She did.

Third Shot

Oops! They did too.



Photo Op

Fauzia Rafique’s


Photo opportunity

 Fauzia was caught

going after

  a (styrofoam) cup of coffee

 instead of

staying put for the photo opportunity


Next shot:

dead serious.


WIN 2012 Awards
Richmond Cultural Centre
March 2012

In these photos

From left: Lucia Gorea, Janet Kvammen, Timothy Shay, Reese McBeth,  Manga Basi, Brajinder Dhillon,  Ashok Bhargava, Fauzia Rafique, Evelyn Lau,  Joanne Arnott,  Alan Hill, Bong Ja Ahn. Not visible:  Ariadne Sawyer, Mahendra Kwatra and Arno Kamolika. 

From: http://uddari.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/uddaris-fauzia-rafique-gets-canadas-best-2012-distinguished-poet-novelist-award/