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Keerru, Punjabi Gurmukhi
ISBN 9780463342541
USA: US$4.50 – Canada: CA$4.50 – India: INR101.00 – Pakistan: PKR101.00
Purple Poppy press 2020, Vancouver, Canada


Keerru, Punjabi Shahmukhi
ISBN 978-969-593-315-2
Sanjh Publications 2019, Lahore Pakistan


Skeena, Punjabi Gurmukhi
ISBN 978-93-5231-317-4
224 Pages
Script Conversion & Editing: Harbans Singh Dhiman
Sangam Publications 2019, Patiala India
More about Skeena


The Adventures of SahebaN
Biography of a Relentless Warrior
the-adventures-of-saheban_cover_nov61Novel, humorous fantasy
Libros Libertad 2016, Surrey Canada
More about SahebaN


Holier Than life
Holier-Than-Life-CoverPoetry eBook
85 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9920216
Purple Poppy Press, Vancouver 2013
More about ‘Holier Than Life’

Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal

Poetry chapbook, English and Punjabi
Paperback 9 x 6, 100 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9869044-1-7
Uddari Books 2011, Surrey Canada
(Out of print)


Paperback 9 x 6, 206 pages
ISBN: 9781926763125
Libros Libertad 2011, Surrey Canada
Chosen as One of the 100 ‘Must read’ Punjabi Books in English, 2018
More about ‘Skeena’


Skeena, Punjabi Gurmukhi

Paperback 9 x 6, 169 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9869044-0-0
Script Conversion & Editing: Surjeet Kalsey
Uddari Books 2011, Surrey Canada
(limited edition, out of print)


Skeena, Punjabi Shahmukhi
Hardcover & Paperback
7 x 6, 350 pages
ISBN: 978-969-8957-16-2
Punjabi Shahmukhi
Sanjh Publications 2007, Lahore Pakistan
Pakistan’s All-Time Best selling Punjabi novel since 2008


Aurat Durbar: The Court of Women
Writings of Women of South Asian Origin

Anthology, Short Fiction and Poetry
152 x 227 mm
240 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-92900-570-6
Three O’Clock Press 1995, Toronto Canada

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Novel, fantasy


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