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Author of Skeena, among the most reviewed books in modern Punjabi literature, talks to Sabyasachi Nag about her craft and artisanal practices by Sabyasachi Nag, (may require login/registration)
Artisanal Writer, CA, November 2022

Challenging Myths About a Muslim, Migrant Woman: A Review of Fauzia Rafique’s Novel, Skeena by Hamad Abdullah Nazar, novel ‘Skeena’
Spheres of Influence, CA, May 2022

کِیڑو (ناول) فوزیہ رفیق ۔۔ گل بات۔۔ راشد جاوید احمد by Rashid Javed Ahmed, novella ‘Keerru’
Penslips Magazine, PK, July 2021

کیڑو، سماجی سرحدیں اور ایک دھان پان سی لڑکی by Qaisar Abbas, novella ‘Keerru’
Jeddojehad, PK, December 2020

An assembly of the Oppressed by Ramsha Ashraf, novella ‘Keerru’
The News, PK, May 2020

Queer desire and untouchable lives by Sara Kazmi, novella ‘Keerru’
The News on Sunday, PK, March 2020

‘Dharam pran smaj vich lokan di honi’, novel ‘Skeena’
Punjabi Tribune, IN, November 2019

Women Who Named the Unnamed: Hannah Macready Interviews Fauzia Rafique by Hannah Mcready
Event Magazine, CA, September 2019

Reviews on novel ‘Skeena’ 2011-2018

Comments on poetry collection ‘Holier Than Life’, 2013