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‘Entertaining the Possibility of Society’s Radical Transformation: A Personal View of Women Front (1974–1976)’, in Re-Interrogating Civil Society in South Asia: Critical Perspectives from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Eds. Andersen, Mehdi, Prakash. Routledge Taylor & Francis 2021.
Praise be to Google Translate – But wait
Sustaining the Onslaught of ‘Footware’
Freedom of expression—a shape-shifting tool
This ‘Free Speech’? No Thanks!
A Daunting Treasure of Hundreds of Handwritten Letters
Not from the Elite but from the Street
Happy or not / Grateful or what?
Adding ‘Complexity’ to the ‘Simplicity’ of Racist Constructions – and a rabbit that was not allowed to come out of the hat
Shah Madholal Hussain – Dead Poets Reading Series
Welcome Back- Idrian. Home is Everywhere.
Fishing for Rare Fish
Those Nutritious Contraceptive Pills
The Politics of Art
Getting the ‘name-thing’ out of the way
Those in favor of the Burqa Ban party
Being Ditched
An ‘Ought To Be Taught’ Poem
Canadian MPs! Swear Allegiance to the People of Canada!
Toronto’s Tempting Wild Flowers
‘I am Charlie’ is not about Charlie
Purdah Manifestations
‘Growing up in Pakistan’, Canadian Women Studies, Vol 13, Number 1, Toronto.

Short Fiction
Violence of a Racist Dialogue
Tregebov, Rhea Ed. Frictions II: Stories by Women, Sumach Press, Toronto 1994
The Birth of a Murderer
Creen, Susan, Ed. ‘Twist and Shout: A Decade of Feminist Writing in This Magazine’, Second Story Press, Toronto 1994
The Position of her Power
Quarterly Fireweed, Toronto 1993
The Crown
Quarterly Diva, Toronto 1990
Memory of an Unpaid Debt
Quarterly Diva, Toronto 1989

Rag Picker
Teleplay, Urdu, 55-Minute, Pakistan Television Quetta (QTV) 1985
Apay Ranjha Hoi
Drama Serial, adaptation in Punjabi of novelette Poor Folk by F. Dostoevsky from English, 14 episodes/55-minute each, Pakistan Television Lahore (LTV) 1975
Dastak Na Do
Drama seriel, adaptation in Urdu of novel ‘Dastak Na Do’ by Altaf Fatima
13 episodes/25-minute each, Pakistan Television Lahore (LTV) 1974

Punjabi MaaNboli literature, Creators and Publishers
Uddari Weblog
Punjabi Art and Art by Punjabis
Uddari Art Exhibition

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