‘Ms. Abundant Sweet’, LCP Chapbook Series: AHVAZ // AAVAZ // AVAAZ: A Chapbook Anthology of South Asian Poetry, ed. Shazia Hafiz Ramji, League of Canadian Poets, 2022
‘Places that have no names’, Wordcity Monthly, January 2021.
Also performed as a monologue for the Cabaret of Monologues, International Women’s Week 2017, Sarasvati Productions, Winnipeg, March 2017
‘‏My Mother’s daughter – Meri Maan Jayee’
‘It’s a Pity Trees in This City have Roots…’
Familial Promises – The ‘Honour’ Killer’s Code
The Almighty
Good news…
Lose Some Sleep
This Thanksgiving…
What will you teach my child in Karachi?
Sparrow of Love
The Jolly Trinity
Ghalib ka ho Dewaan, Urdu
Itni si Baat ‘اثنی سی باث’ – Urdu
It was Life
‘Zindgi Thee’ (it was life) – Urdu

links to more poems
Pakistan’s Mock oscar, and
Other English Poems

Some Punjabi Poems

Fauzia’s eBook of English poems
‘Holier Than Life’


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