‘What Will You Teach My Child In Karachi?’ A poem by Fauzia Rafique

Inspired by Pop Queen Madonna’s Sept 28 tweet about her dream school.

“The revolution of love
continues in Pakistan!
The Dream School is finally
finished. 1200 kids
attending. Knowledge…”
US pop star Madonna. (AP file photo)

What will you teach my child
in your dream school
in Karachi?

Will you teach her
what was taught to kids
in the native indian
schools–? Torture a method
of academic instruction
hunger, death
estrangement; electric
chair in school equipment,
some lessons
perhaps in that
system of savage

What will you teach my child
in Karachi?

Will you use the knowledge
created to teach
what was taught
in your black/white
schools–? Establishing your
racial superiority
over children in this
system of equal

What will you teach my child
in Karachi?

Will you teach her
what is taught to kids
in your
schools–? So they continue
to feed your greed by courting
a future of minimum wage, disparity
cage, desperation rage in this
system of corporate

What will you teach my child
in your dream school
in Karachi?

Classroom Chorus

Hail the generous queens
of the rich creamy crest
Always representing
the democratic civilized best
Yes the same who were here
to tame the wild wild west.
O Mad
onna! Angel
ina! E
ve! Tere
sa! Eliza
beth! Victor
ia! Much
Grate Ful
ness thank You
for bringing
all your Revolutions
of Love over
to us. We’ll see you
at your next noble
gig/s flashing
the ongoing victories
of your ever advancing kings
through the valleys
of our deaths the mounds
of our lives.
Revolution of Love!
Love White Love
Cold White Love
So Much Love
Continues to Continue!
On and On!

This Poem
is Dedicated to
This Shirt

‘In Honour of Residential School Survivors
and in memory of those who did not’
Orange Shirt Day
Sept 30, 2014
Shirt designed by Suzanne White
What Is Orange Shirt Day? Annual Event Inspired By A Girl Who Couldn’t Wear Hers (link added Sept 29, 2017)

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